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Pass Plus in Epsom and Reigate

Reduce your insurance with Pass Plus

Reduce your insurance with Pass Plus!

Get the skills that can keep you safe

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Pass Plus could save you a fortune on insurance costs!You could reduce your insurance costs by taking advanced training

Pass Plus gives you the full Pass Plus syllabus at a fantastic price, and you could save 100's of £££'s on your insurance!

We aim to make you a much better driver for life . . .

Pass Plus is the scheme that gets you extra training and possibly a discount on your car insurance

There is NO TEST TO TAKE and you could save a fortune on insurance costs over the next few years

Learn to drive with Alex CulffThousands of young drivers have saved substantially more than the cost of the Pass Plus course on their insurance cover in the first year after passing!

But the savings go on. . . and on. . . and on. . . so don't delay, speak to your instructor now about Pass Plus . .

Pass Plus consists of 6 modules


Town Driving

Driving in town can be a frightening experience . . . nose to tail traffic, complicated junctions, roundabouts and pedestrians who don't look!

learn the skills to deal with all these and much, much more

Your instructor will ensure that your hazard perception in busy situations is sharpened to keep you safe!


Rural Driving

Hidden junctions, horse riders and all kinds of hazards, from sharp bends and potholes to large slow vehicles and animals in the road . . .

we show you how to read the ‘signs' and give you the skills you need for safe driving on any type of roads you encounter


Night Driving

Dazzle from careless drivers, judging distance and speed, using your lights safely

These are just some of the skills you'll learn . . .

You'll see that hazards take on a new level of danger when you drive at night . . . that pedestrian in dark clothing isn't really a problem on a sunny day, but at night the same person can be tricky to see

All Weather Driving

Rain, fog, bright sunshine, snow and ice . . . find out how to drive safely in all these different weather conditions

You'll need to learn how to use all the car controls to keep the windows clear so you can see, and you'll have to be able to judge your stopping distances and allow a little more time for your journey


Dual Carriageways

Learn to drive safely on fast dual carriageways . . .

We'll sharpen up your skills of observation and anticipation, so that you can drive the freeways with confidence!

Your level of concentration will need to be greater due to the faster speeds of other vehicles. Not all drivers will look out for you, so you need to be able to look out for them!


Motorways are like no other roads . . .

learn how to drive on them safely and correctly under expert advanced instruction. 3 lanes can be far more complex than 2 lanes, and the speeds reached are often the fastest on the UK's roads

You'll need to develop superb use of the mirrors to keep safe, and we'll make sure that you do just that!


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Pass Plus

Reduce your insurance!

Get Pass Plus now!

Get the Pass Plus certificate and you could drastically reduce your insurance costs now!

Pass Plus is a series of Advanced Driving modules, and there's no test to take!

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